What is a Matched Betting Bet?

Put simply, matched betting is betting to avoid a loss (or at least make a small loss). The idea is to match any bet you put on at the bookies with an equivalent lay bet on a betting exchange (such as Betfair). If you win at the bookies, you lose at Betfair (and vice-versa) and the two bets cancel each other out. So, why would you want to do that? Well, the bookies will pay you a bonus for signing up (or re-depositing) so if you can bet with them with no risk, then you can easily claim the bonus. It's a pretty easy way to make some extra money, and even The Guardian thinks so.

So, how best to start profiting from these matched bets? Well, we have free mini-guide to get you started (enter your email in the box and we'll email you the PDF). Or you can just straight in by having a look at our recommendations below. The full list of instantly profitable matched bets is available to members only.

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Fri 24th Mar 9:44AM CATEGORIES: Matched Betting

The risky bets

As ever when we are in the matched betting category, we've separated our suggestions into 3 categories: profitable, risky and losing. The profitable bets are ones that you can 'arb' on to give you a profit now and obviously a higher profit once your bonus gets paid. The risky bets show potentially profitable bets - if your bet gets taken up on Betfair. The losing section lists bets that allow you to take a loss now in order to make it back later when your bonus comes through.

The recommendations get updated every 30 mins (every 1 minute for members). OK, so what are the recommendations as of right now, Fri 24th Mar 9:44AM? Well our top suggestion is Craig Star in the 16:25 at Musselburgh with SkyBet. You will want to lay £17.31 at 14.01 to bag a cheeky £0.52 profit. Click here to send that to the calculator.

If you prefer to go for a risk you could bet on Sheepscar Lad in the 20:15 at Newcastle with PaddyPower. You should be able to lay £16.89 at 9 to net a possible £0.21 profit. Click here to see what that looks like in the calculator.

Last but not least, for people wanting to make a modest preliminary loss there's Tjongejonge in the 14:30 at Newbury with StanJames. You'll want to lay £27.02 at 9.60 to take a small £-0.13 loss. Click here to see what that looks like in the calculator.

Profitable matched bets

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Risky matched bets updated every 30 mins

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Further resources


A quick list of some boomakers to get started with. We have a full list, along with an explanation of each one's terms and conditions, inside the members' area.

  • Coral Coral will match a £5 deposit at 400%
  • BetDAQ BetDAQ will match a £0 deposit at 0%
  • Betfred Betfred will match a £10 deposit at 300%
  • Betway Betway will match a £30 deposit at 100%

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