What is an Accumulator Bet?

With an accumulator bet (also called multiples) it's all about risk/reward. Whilst doubles and trebles are the most popular accumulators, it's possible to go much higher. Think you can predict 10 correct premier league results? Then this one's for you. Clicking that link will add 10 bets into the calculator. Yes, that's over £8,500 for a £1 stake, even with some pretty short odds thrown in. Of course, as with any accumulator, if just one of those loses then all bets are off.

So, is the accumulator a good bet for punters? Well, it can certainly be a fun bet. There's nothing like having the first couple of your bets come in and enjoying the heart-pounding excitement of the remaining bets. If that sounds like your thing, then check out our list of recommended accumulator bets below. Of course, the pain of the final bet losing is the flip side to the coin. You can minimise that pain with a full-cover bet such as a Lucky 15 - fist-pumping fun with a safety net thrown in.

The Accumulator Calculator


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Further resources


A quick list of some boomakers to get started with. We have a full list, along with an explanation of each one's terms and conditions, inside the members' area.

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