What is a Double Bet?

The Double Bet is the most basic type of accumulator. It's a good place for beginners to start as they get a feel for accumulator betting. With a double you make 2 selections. If they both win you're in the money but if either loses, you win nothing. So why not just place two singles? Well, with an accumulator your odds are lengthened and your potential payout increases. Two winning Singles at 2 / 1 with a stake of £1 each would win you £4 profit overall. A successful double with a stake of £2 at the same odds would win you £16 overall. Quite a difference.

So is doing a double worth it? Yes, as long as you can identify odds that are more likely to come home than the bookie thinks they are. We have our own system for doing this, and the results are listed in the recommendations below for Double bets. I suggest you add a few of them into the calculator and have a play to get a feel for how things work.

The Double Calculator


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Total Return:
Total Profit:


Set Options

Back Odds
Lay Odds
Lay Stake
Commission %

Choose Bet Type

Qualifying Bet
Free Bet (stake not returned)
Free Bet (stake returned)

Enter Bet Odds

Odds E/W Status Rule 4 Dead Heat

Further resources


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