What is a Heinz Bet?

Named after the 57 varieties of Heinz products, this full-cover bet includes all the multiples from doubles up to a single 6-fold accumulator. What does that mean in practice? Well, it means you choose a whopping 6 selections and generate a total of 57 bets all told. But what does that mean in terms of winning and losing? Well, click here to instantly fill the calculator and have a look at a real-life Heinz bet. Yes, you read that right: it's a potential £776k profit. But before you get carried away, remember the chance of hitting that is astronomical. However, play around with the calculator and set all the outsiders to lose. You're still over £100 in profit! So if you can pick 3 guaranteed certs on a race card, a Heiz will allow you to pick three losers and still profit.

But is it really so easy? Of course not! To start with the stakes are high with a Heinz. So if you're betting at £1 a bet, that's a £57 stake. If you're starting off, just bet the minimum per bet which is usually 10p. This can still give you some awesome profits - click here to plug 0.10 as the stake into the calculator and take a look. So as with all the full cover bets, they can be a great way to offset the risk of a multiple whilst still being able to go for the low-stake/high profit glory.

The Heinz Calculator


Total Stake:
Total Return:
Total Profit:


Set Options

Back Odds
Lay Odds
Lay Stake
Commission %

Choose Bet Type

Qualifying Bet
Free Bet (stake not returned)
Free Bet (stake returned)

Enter Bet Odds

Odds E/W Status Rule 4 Dead Heat

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