What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

The Lucky 15 is a well known and well-liked full cover bet that takes a 4 fold accumulator as its starting point and wraps every combination of treble, double and single within it. This means that you're mitigating your risk at every point. If you have a solid "banker" then it can help you save your bet should other selections lose. To see what I mean, click Click here to add some sample odds to the calculator. So our banker is the 3 /1 shot. If only that selection wins, we're down but we didn't lose everything. If any other selection wins too, then we've made a profit. Depending on which selection it, that profit can be smaller or larger.

The Lucky 15 allows you to take a shot at the big money whilst keeping your risk much lower. Of course, because you are making 15 bets your stake will have to be higher if you want to take a shot at the big money. Whilst a £1 total stake on a 4 fold accumulator could bring in serious profits, it won't for a Lucky 15 (where you'd have to put 7p on each bet). However, for a more risk averse punter it's still a great option.

The Lucky 15 Calculator


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Set Options

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Choose Bet Type

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Enter Bet Odds

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